The Brand

My name is Dóri Verhóczki, the founder of Babies on Board. I had two dreams, one of them (my greatest) was born in 2013, he is called Balázs. The other is coming into being now, through the creation of my baby nursery design brand.
When designing the baby collections, I wanted to create products which suit the little ones’age perfectly with their playful patterns, soft cotton material and subtle colours. My son helped me a lot when making my plans and we picked our favourite characters together. I also thought of parents in my designs, who find excellent quality, uniqueness, clean forms and harmony important, and who think it is important that their little one likes the materials around him from the very start. The playful patterns and animals printed on the pieces in the collection can be your child’s first friends and playmates. I paid special attention to matching the soft pastel colours so they can help you create a tasteful nursery.
I emphasised the fact that the products are all manufactured in Hungary in limited series. All of the textiles used are 100% cotton and the cheerful text and patterns were carefully embroidered by hand. I paid great attention to sustainability, which is why all of my products are made of cotton throughout. I also thought of those who would like to buy exclusive and environmentally conscious products for their babies, which is why I created items that are made of cotton inside and out, so the material your baby’s skin is in direct contact with is as smooth as possible.

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